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Recruitment Process

Temporary Help inc is dedicated to providing top-notch nursing professionals who are fully accredited by the Joint Commission. We take great care in selecting candidates who meet all the necessary credentials to ensure the highest quality of care for our clients

Nurse Form
Recruitment / Credentialing


T.H.I knows the key to our success and your satisfaction is the quality of personnel we send to work in your facility. In order to uphold very high standards of patient care, our company has instituted a comprehensive recruitment process that selects the best applicants whose education, experience and skills best match your requirements. The successful selection is largely a result of our internal quality assurance program. The process begins with the careful and rigorous screening of the staff through tests, questionnaire forms, verification of credentials and a final assessment of reliability and work skills.


All applicants must have a minimum of one year experience in their specialty to apply for employment.

License Verification

The employees professional license/certification is verified, copied and kept on file in the local office.


A current C.P.R. card and a picture I.D. are copied and kept on file in the local office, as well as ACLS, PALS, and other certifications as required.

Skills Inventory

Applicants complete a comprehensive skills inventory that is kept on file and updated yearly


Applicants are given screening tests in most general staffing areas. Certain specialty area testing may be replaced with client interview or other criteria as directed.

Drug & Criminal Background Investigation

Every employee goes through a drug screening test upon employment. THI Staffing Inc. also conducts random drug screening of their nurses annually. The applicants also sign a Criminal Background Investigation Policy and are checked by state guidelines and/or client contract.


All prospective employees are engaged in a detailed interview process which is conducted by our President as well as our Director of Operations and Staffing coordinators. During the interview, emphasis is placed upon work history, clinical expertise, flexibility and review of the exam. At this time, information and performance requirements are given to the applicant regarding THI Staffing Inc. policies and procedures, as well as the policies and procedures of the institutions we serve.


At least two references verifying work experience in the clinical area is required must be with an individual who has directly supervised the applicant for a minimum of six months and can attest to applicants clinical competencies.

Health/TB Test

A physicians statement is required verifying that the applicant has had a satisfactory medical examination including a TB test within the past year/or chest x-ray. Other specific health requirements are handled on an individual basis, as directed by client or state health guidelines. Each applicant must have Hep B vaccine or have signed a declination.

Placement and Orientation

Assignment of employees is made by our branch director/manager in conjunction with the staffing coordinators, according to the skill and expertise of the individual and the needs of the institution. Emphasis is placed on continuity of service whenever possible. Orientation policies and procedures of the utilizing institutions are adhered to by THI Staffing Inc personnel. If required, THI Staffing Inc provides our nurses with facility specific orientations.


Evaluation of all THI Staffing Inc. employees is an ongoing process. Everytime a THI Staffing Inc. nurse visits a facility or a client for the first time, that client completes a performance evaluation and shares the results with us. We are continually evaluating our personnel so that we remain confident that we are providing the highest quality nursing professionals to our clients.

Employee Files

A complete and current file is kept on all employees, including application, license and C.P.R. certification, test results, references, physicians statement, medical history, and any continuing education courses completed. An employees file also contains appropriate documentation relative to the applicants identity and work authorization as required by INS rules.

Exam and Skills Testing

The following classifications are skills tested and must pass an exam: RNs in Med/Surg (including Geriatrics & Telemetry), Mental Health, Pediatrics, Mother/Baby/L&D/Neonate, Telemetry/Cardiac Strips, Critical Care, and Emergency Room. All LPNs, CNAs and Therapists are tested in their classification and specialty. Please contact us to inform us in more detail about your specific staffing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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