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Do I have to sign a contract that binds me to only work for THI Staffing Inc.?

Not at all, we encourage our caregivers to always have options when deciding their career direction. We have many caregivers who work full time and only want to pick up additional hours to supplement their income.

What kinds of assignments do you offer to those of us who desire full time work?

According to the city you would like to work in or live near we offer contracts that range from short to long term. By committing to a contract with a facility we partner with you are guaranteed full time hours.

When do I receive my paycheck?

We offer weekly pay ready for pickup every Friday with direct deposit options.

How is my rate of pay calculated?

Your hourly rate depends on the type of facility you work at and your specific experience and specialty area.

What happens to my pay rate if I work on a federal holiday?

You are paid at time and one half your regular rate per approved client agreements.

Can I work in a specialty area that I have never worked in prior?

No, we only staff our caregivers in areas they have at least one full time year of experience in recognizing the dangers in those practices.

Do I have to purchase my own liability insurance?

No, THI carries this insurance for all of our caregivers according to the standard coverage amounts.

All the forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).


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